3 Signs You Know Your Fridge Is Giving Out

Posted on: 5 October 2015

Almost every house has a refrigerator; it is a necessary and common household item. However, just because everyone needs and has one doesn't mean that everyone has one that is in great shape. Fridges usually only last about 13 years, although you can get more or fewer years out of it depending on how you care for it and the specific fridge you purchased. The important thing is to know when your fridge is giving out so that you can replace it before it becomes dangerous to use. Here are a couple things to look for.

1. Your Fridge Is Sweating

You shouldn't be noticing any condensation coming from the outside of the fridge. You might notice this especially on a hot day when the temperature of the fridge and the exterior temperature are very different. Instead, the outside of the fridge should be completely dry. If there is always a little dampness on the outside of the fridge, then this is a sign that you need a new fridge.

It should be mentioned that you may not notice the condensation on the outside of the fridge; instead, you might notice it on the floor. If there is always a little water on the floor, this means you have the same problem and need to replace it.

2. Your Freezer Looks Like An Iceberg

The goal of your freezer is to keep things cold; however, it shouldn't have massive amounts of ice around the shelves or the food. If everything in the freezer has a small block of ice on it, then you have a problem. This means that the freezer is working extra hard to keep the food cold, and is unable to regulate the temperature. In this case you need to replace the freezer and fridge so that it won't overuse energy and can be more efficient.

3. You Can Hear The Fridge and Freezer Running

Essentially, a fridge should be silent. You might notice a gentle hum if everything else in the house is completely silent, but you should never hear a fridge over people talking, or other noises in the house. If the fridge is so noisy that you are constantly hearing a loud hum, then you need to replace it.

Using a fridge that is too old can be dangerous, since it won't properly cool your food and can use a lot of energy. This is why it is best for watch for the signs that your fridge needs replacing, and take care of it before the problem becomes too big. 

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